Rural women rights program held [Archives:2003/660/Local News]

August 18 2003

TAIZ_ In its special program on rural women rights, Women's Forum for Researches and Training (WFRT) along with Gender World Fund (GWF) will organize from 20-21 August a training course to raise the abilities and skills of 20 coordinators in the program who are considered the link between the forum and the program targets.
About the importance and objectives of the program, Ms. Suad al-Qadsi, the head of WFRT, said, “WFRT has realized the importance of spread human rights awareness among the rural society as it is one of developmental elements. Social traditions and norms have negatively affected the role of rural woman in the development due to the different points of view on her participation in the development and serving her society or to take the responsibility for educating generations”
She further added “We have worked in several activities for two years in three rural areas in Taiz to specify the local needs of the rural society and the challenges that women face. Today we are training 20 coordinators whom are carefully chosen from 5 rural areas to be the link between the program and the targets. We will help them to spread human rights and developmental awareness to have in return a productive rural society that equality and justice prevail in.”
It is noteworthy that WFRT has established a distinguished web-site and called all the interested to visit the site and send their comments and suggestions to improve it.