Russian Ambassador to Sana’a:Mr. Putin’s reelection is important for the international community [Archives:2004/721/Local News]

March 18 2004

Mohammed bin Sallam
The Russian Ambassador in Sana'a, H.E. Alexander Zasypkin, in the press meeting of 16 March 2004, pointed out that the electoral victory of President Vladmir Putin is very important not only for the people of Russia, but also for the international community in general.
Mr. Putin secured 71% of votes cast, on a turnout of 64%. The Ambassador commented that the result reflects the extent of public support for Mr. Putin as a strong reformist president and approval for the achievements of his time in office. Eliminating corruption and black market economy among the officials, his endorsement of freedom of press, transparency in handling issues and his unlimited support for civil society organizations working towards strengthening democracy and public participation were among his greatest achievements.
Concerning bilateral relation between Yemen and Russia, Ambassador Zasypkin said that reelecting President Putin provides a strong push and an additional opportunity for the development of bilateral relations, especially since President Putin is very enthusiastic to establishing stronger and more distinguished relations between the two countries. The level of cooperation will increase in all fields, particularly in health, defense, trade and various economic projects. It is expected that broad dialogues will be held in the coming months among different ministries and chambers of commerce and industries of the two countries to determine the scopes and plans and the bases of bilateral cooperation.
The Russian Ambassador has chosen Yemen Times for a lengthy and exclusive interview concerning many important subjects to be published in the next issue.