Russian delegation discusses mutual trade and facilities for its navy [Archives:2008/1200/Front Page]

October 20 2008

By: Mohammed Bin Sallam
SANA'A, Oct. 18 ) A Russian delegation chaired by President of the Russian Senate Sergie Mironov left Sana'a last Thursday after a 22-hour visit during which it met with President Ali Abdullah Saleh, Prime Minister Ali Mohammed Mujawar, Shoura Council Chairman Abdulaziz Abdulghani and other Yemeni government officials.

Speaking about military and strategic cooperation between Russia and Yemen, Mironov affirmed during a news conference in Sana'a that “Yemen agreed to allow Russian ships to use its ports for reaching strategic objectives, not as a station for them.” This information was confirmed by Russian official Novocity News Agency.

“Yemen should approve the mooring of Russian ships along its shores in a gradual manner,” he added, confirming the possibility of taking such a decision, most notably amid new moves contained in Russia's defense and foreign policies.

The Russian delegation's visit coincided with the 80th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between both states and the signing of the Friendship and Cooperation Agreement between the two states on 1 November 1928.

Unsatisfactory mutual trade volume

Regarding trade relations, Mr. Mironov stressed the necessity of exerting serious efforts to enhance trade and economic cooperation between both states, pointing out that the mutual trade volume, estimated at USD 178 million, is not good, nor does it fit the high level of political relations between Yemen and Russia.

Asked about progress in the field of education, the Russian official applauded cooperation between Russia and Yemen in higher education, and added that the Russian government would increase scholarships for Yemeni students, currently estimated at 50 scholarships per annum. He praised the level of scientific acquisition demonstrated by Yemeni students in Russian universities.

During the news conference, Mironov reviewed the latest developments in the Qoqaz region, clarifying his government's position about the war that broke out in the area as a result of a war announced by Georgia against Southern Republic of Ossetia, as well as the motives of why his state recognized the independence of Southern Ossetia and Abkhazia.

The Russian Senate President expressed his happiness about visiting Yemen, praising the strong move of cooperation between both countries over the past two years, which according to him, is symptomatic of the generous support shown by political leaderships of both friendly nations. In the meantime, he confirmed that his state is determined to promote mutual cooperation with Yemen in the various areas and applauded the balanced positions demonstrated by Yemen on Russian issues.

“Friendship and Cooperation Agreement””

From his side