Russian Minister Counselor Visits Yemen Times [Archives:2001/29/Local News]

July 16 2001

Mr. Mir Pasha Zeinalor, Minister Plenipotentiary at the Russian Embassy in Sana’a paid a visit to the offices of Yemen Times last Tuesday July 10, after assuming his new post. He was accompanied by the Russian Oriantalist and media secretary to the Russian Ambassador to Sana’a, Miss Diana Eloeva.
Mr. Mir expressed happiness in visiting Yemen Times and was highly appreciative of its informative, media role. He said he had been a big admirer of Yemen Times since supervising the Russian Foreign Ministry’s file on Yemen. In his meeting with the chief editor, he said “I chose Yemen Times as my first place to visit after being appointed to the Russian Embassy in Sana’a. I do highly esteem the great job you are doing. So keep it up.”
Mr. Mir is one of Russia’s most outstanding oriantalists, and has published many publications on Arabic and Islamic history in general, and Yemeni history in particular.