Rusty eating utensils is a major cause of diseases, also:Beware of expired & rotten products [Archives:2003/670/Local News]

September 22 2003

By Ahmed al-Bukhari
For the Yemen Times

Taiz, Sept. 20_ Efforts have been currently made in Taiz governorate to launch incessant inspection campaigns aimed basically at confiscating materials and rusty eating utensils used by restaurant owners and bakers.
Orders have been given by Eng. Ahmed Arromaima to Mr. Tareq al-Ashwal, the Health Environment Manager of al-Qahira District for launching this health campaign in Taiz.
Those rusty cooking utensils which transmit poisonous dregs as well as the reusing of cooking oils for several times have threatened man's health where he is exposed to several diseases such as, food poisoning and cancer.
Restaurant and shop owners also have been ordered to replace old cooking utensils with new ones, which are good for human use.
They have been also advised to adhere to hygienic conditions and should submit themselves to medical diagnosis to make sure of not having communicable diseases.
They are also obliged to wear uniforms whether in tourist hotels or popular restaurants.
The campaign also included the confiscation of decayed and expired products such as; beverages in plastic containers, fruits and milk cans, tomatoes, biscuits and chemical industries used as dyestuffs.
Most of those goods have been smuggled in big quantities into Yemeni markets and greatly affected the state's economy.
Mr. al-Ashwal has warned against selling of those rotten or expired products and has also urged the bodies concerned to improve the health conditions of restaurants and not to use cooking oils for more than once.
Restaurant owners have to be held accountable for violating the essential health conditions.
They should adhere to public health and have to offer services in a suitable and acceptable manner.