Sa’ada clashes erupt, 3 troops dead [Archives:2006/952/Local News]

June 5 2006

SA'ADA, June 4 ) Military sources in the northern governorate of Sa'ada confirmed that 3 soldiers were killed on Saturday morning as confrontations with Al-Houthi followers renewed.

A new wave of clashes broke out while a military vehicle was patrolling the Jama'a area. An exchange of fire between government troops and Al-Houthi supporters followed. Two Al-Houthi supporters were wounded, one seriously, meanwhile a military campaign mobilized in the area in order to locate remaining insurgents, Al-Sahwa.Net reported.

MP Yahya Badriddin Al-Houthi, who is currently abroad, released a statement indicating that government forces will continue their campaign of arrests, in addition to implementing tough policies against Sa'ada insurgents.

Al-Houthi asserted that who Yemenis who belong to the Zaidi sect suffer from illegal crackdowns by the government. These practices are aimed at harassing Zaidis and denying them their right to exercise their intellectual and religious freedoms, Al-Houthi said. Furthermore, he added that military personnel have assassinated citizens in the northern governorate at will.

Al-Houthi accused President Ali Abdullah Saleh of inciting security apparatus against innocent citizens.