Sa’ada locals urge for release of detainees [Archives:2005/884/Local News]

October 10 2005

SA'ADA- Oct. 8- Under the presidents amnesty, locals have been demonstrating at a Complex in the northern city of Sa'ada urging for the release of detainees over confrontations between al-Houthi and the government.

Al-Shura Net sources reported that a large rally of relatives and sheikhs have streamed to the Complex since Wednesday afternoon with the intention of putting pressure on the governor of Sa'ada and the security officials to implement the decision issued by HE President Saleh on Sept. 26 concerning the release of the detainees.

Up until now, only around 100 prisoners have been freed.

Protestors claimed that security officials were obstructing the Presidents orders and had not released many of those still held. Indeed the only individuals released have been the sick and infirm.

In the same context, people detained in Sana'a prisons over chanting ant-U.S. and Israel slogans were not released despite the fact they were included in the President's amnesty.