Sa’ada Military Operations Claim 118 lives and 141 Injuries [Archives:2004/752/Front Page]

July 5 2004

Mohammed al-Qadhi
Yemen Times Staff

Minister of Interior Dr. Rashad al-Alimi announced that the military operations between government troops and the supporters of the well-known cleric Hussein al-Hawithi have claimed the lives of 118 and caused 141 injuries. The minister, who was giving a report on the latest development in the confrontations in Sa'ada since June 18 after he was summoned by some MPs, said that number of deaths among al-Hawthi supporters soared to 86 and among the military and security troops to 32. The wounded are 120 among the government forces and 21 among the rebels as described by the authorities. However, MPs said the real figure is believed to be more as the government remains the only source of information for what is happening, it has prevented media reporters to approach the battlefield.