SabaFon distributes Big Contest Awards ‘Scratch and Win’ Cards [Archives:2007/1033/Local News]

March 15 2007

By: Yemen Times Staff
The Yemen Mobile Company, SabaFon continued distributing the Big Contest Awards 'Scratch and Win' cards, which the company offers to its subscribers. The Big Contest Awards include seven Land Cruiser Model 2006 cars, in addition to 250 thousand other awards comprising scratch cards, cell phone lines and mobile devices. All these prizes are awarded to those who succeed in combining all the letters available on the scratch cards to compose the car's name, or to those who find a named prize award on the card.

Since the first winner Mohammed Ali Al-Hassani, from Raima governorate, was awarded the first car on 1January, 2007, SabaFon has since awarded two Land Cruiser Model 2006 cars to two of its subscribers. The winners were Ahmad Mohammed Al-Hesni, 35, from Anis District, Dhamar governorate, who works as a farmer and Mahfoudh Ali Sa'eed, 23, who works as a goldsmith and is from Taiz governorate.

At the ceremony which was staged at Al-Sab'een Park, Sheikh Hamdan Abdullah Al-Ahmar, General Manager of the Marketing and Sales Department awarded the three winners with their prizes in the presence of a large number of the company's officials and workers and representatives of different media.

For his part, Ahmad Al-Hesni expressed his pleasure in winning big prize. He thanked the company for its credibility, loyalty to and cooperation with subscribers, as well as praising the facilities it provides for its workers. “The company official received me cordially and congratulated me for winning the car as soon as I submitted the cards required for winning,” Al-Hesni said.

Mahfoudh Sa'eed commended the company's cooperation and warm reception as well as the speed with which the car was transferred into his possession. He mentioned that he was given the car just after he submitted the total cards need for winning the car. Sa'eed acknowledged that such facts prove the credibility of the mobile company and its respect for its subscribers. He praised SabaFon and the quality of service it provides customers.

Asked how he discovered the golden letter, Al-Hesni said that he hadn't thought of the car, as it is difficult for him as a farmer to buy a modern car like the one awarded to him. Like other people, he hoped to win any of the SabaFon prizes while scratching the cards to recharge his account. While scratching the last card, he didn't think that he would win, but when he scratched the card, he discovered the golden letter 'K', which was needed to win the top prize. The farmer pointed out that initially his friends and acquaintances didn't believe he had won, and that they remained doubtful until he arrived at the company, which confirmed that he won a luxurious car.

Sheikh Hamdan Al-Ahmar, General Manager of the Marketing and Sales Department at SabaFon called on all the company subscribers to participate in the contest buy purchasing the cards many of which contain the special letters required for winning prizes, particularly the golden letter 'K'. He noted that four Land Cruiser Model 2006 cars are still waiting to be won in addition to 250 thousand other prizes including cell phone lines and mobile devices. These awards, according to Al-Ahmar, are waiting for all cell phone line rental and prepaid system subscribers who wish to participate.