SabaFon granted license to operate Sudan’s second GSM networkSabaFon operates regionally [Archives:2003/639/Local News]

June 5 2003

The National Telecom Corporation of the Republic of Sudan granted SabaFon a license to operate of Sudan's second GSM network. SabaFon consortium which includes the Al-Ahmar Group of Companies, the Hayel Saeed Group of Companies, the Saba Islamic Bank, the Al-Asharaf Group of Companies (Sudan), the National Social Insurance Fund of Sudan, and the National Pension Fund of Sudan.
The license was given to SabaFon after a transparent tender and evaluation process was held, in which a number of regional and international GSM companies submitted bids.
This expansion by SabaFon, Yemen's first GSM operation is its first regional expansion and its second network operation license.