“Sadaqah” Part IIIA Sacred Institution to Facilitate the Poor [Archives:2008/1186/Culture]

September 1 2008

Qazi Dr. Shaikh Abbas Borhany

It is a responsibility of the intelligentsia that they help to communicate the practical constructive aspect of Islam and spread the forgotten teachings of Islam. The benefits of Sadaqah institution are vast. It is time that we rebuild this neglected institute for the larger interest of the Ummah. It carries the solution to the financial crises of the Ummah. This institution is an indispensable need of the present age. Through this august institution, the problems of the less fortunate people can be eased to a great extent. For the removal of the social evils, Sadaqah is a gateway. Sadaqah is a compound term, which covers all aspects of welfare. Under this a contributor has an open choice to spend money in different faculties of welfare. Sadaqah should be given from ones legal income, because it is Allah, who receives it and no other than Him who will give the reward for it. The importance and utility of the Sadaqah has been mentioned in the following Ahadith:

Sadaqah provides protection from the divine punishment.

Pay Sadaqah, you will be released from Jahannam-Hell.

That person is Maloon-curse who has the capability to give Sadaqah but never does it. Has not anyone heard the Hadith that spending one Dirham as Sadaqah is superior and much greater than ten days Nawafil.

Those who are paying Sadaqah, in reward, will be protected from the heat of the grave.

Give Sadaqah, it removes poverty and difficulties, and prolongs once age, life.

Sick person should give Sadaqah through his hand and request the receiver to offers Doa for him, (when receiver offers Doa, the giver should recite A'ameen).

“When people leave the practice of Sadaqah health problems multiply”.

Treat and cure your patients through the Sadaqah.

Each closed door has its own key