Saddam’s journey from a castles to a hole:Possible fate of every oppressive ruler [Archives:2003/695/Viewpoint]

December 18 2003

All those who watched the drama of the capture of Saddam Hussein were probably amazed at how, the once super powerful leader, Saddam Hussein was hiding like a rat in a filthy underground hole. Looking at how his people abandoned him one after another, and seeing how he easily surrendered himself to the American forces without the simplest resistance, one can just hope that he could serve as an example to all oppressive leaders in the world.
Yes indeed. If Saddam had not been an oppressive and arrogant leader, he would have been loved by his people and protected from any foreign forces trying to get him. But what happened was the total opposite. Because of his injustice to his people, and because of the extra lavish lifestyle he enjoyed in a time most of the population was below the poverty line, he only got what he deserved, and it is the same fate awaiting every tyrant on this planet.
This is an eye opener for all other Arab leaders, who are somewhat distant from their people and not feeling their suffering and pain. I would like to tell our oppressive Arab leaders that, “Yes, you are now in magnificent palaces, eating the best of food, and wearing the best of clothes, but what about your people? Have you made sure they get what they need in terms of food and basic rights? Have you ensured that their children receive proper education and healthcare? Have you ever thought of what they would feel while watching you on TV every day in your golden chairs laughing with your guests while those very citizens who are watching you are homeless, with not enough food to eat, and with the inability to make both ends meet?”
This is a time all Arab regimes in particular and all regimes in general, should look into their relationship with their people. I want to request them to “let there be a moment of thought of how your people think about you. Let there be a moment before you sleep when you imagine the many poor people that are sleeping out in the cold, while you enjoy sleeping in a luxurious soft king size bed.”
A response like “Just because they are in the street doesn't mean I should leave my bed!” a spontaneous response may come from those leaders. But nevertheless, “it is your policies that made them suffer. It is your negligence, inefficiency that made those people become poorer and poorer every day. Why are you forgetting that you are the main person responsible for the conditions of your people?”
I can imagine that most oppressive Arab leaders who watched the scenes of Saddam captured, went through a moment of fear and distress, because they know for sure they are not much better than he was, and that they would probably be let down by their people when the moment of truth comes.
I need to stress, however, that who took over Saddam and arrested him is not that important. But what is most important is to realize that a hated leader will certainly not win his freedom in the end because he lost the love and trust of his people.
Hence, it is only natural to believe that any oppressive leader could find himself in the position of Saddam one day, regardless of the 'achievements' he thinks he has accomplished for his people during his ruling period because people's trust and love is what is the most important achievement that can never be compared to others.