Saeed denies withdrawing from candidacy [Archives:2006/983/Local News]

September 21 2006

SANA'A, Sept. 19 ) The National Opposition Council presidential candidate Yassin Abdu Saeed said the news of his withdrawal from candidacy for the presidential elections is untrue, 26 news website reports. On Monday, a statement of withdrawal was issued and sent to various media and newspapers.

“The withdrawal statement sent to media outlets and issued by the National Opposition Council parties was contrived by elements working for the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) and which aim to deform and offend the democratic celebration Yemen is witnessing nowadays,” Saeed said.

Saeed denied the withdrawal statement and that it has not been issued by the National Opposition Council. The withdrawal statement reads as, “As President Ali Abdullah Saleh, candidate of the GPC outdoes the other candidates in being experienced and wise, and as he is the only candidate capable of protecting the Revolution and Unification, as well as maintaining the national accomplishments, leading the country with wisdom and experience, working to achieve more improvement and prosperity; and as it is he who achieved the Yemeni Unification on 22 May, 1990, defended the foundations of democratic experience, multi-party policy, freedom of expression and counter opinion, and established the peace process in the region, therefore,

The National Opposition Council parties announce withdrawing their candidate Yassin Abdu Saeed Noman in favor of Ali Abdullah Saleh, calling on all the members and leaderships of the National Opposition Council, their supporters and the Yemeni masses to voter on 20 September for Ali Abdullah Saleh.”