Saeed Mohammed Noman: “FUCHS Lubricants are simply the best.” [Archives:1997/44/Business & Economy]

November 3 1997

Mr. Saeed Mohammed Noman is the general manager of the United Enterprises LTD (FUCHS). He has an M.A. in business administration and computer.
Q: Could give us a brief idea on United Projects Company and its activities in Yemen? A: This company was established in February, 1996 by Bassam Sholak company – a subsidiary of Sholak Group in Yemen – and MR. Toufiq Mohammed Seif Thabit. United Enterprises has only one activity at the present time, i.e. distribution of FUCHS lubricants throughout the Yemen. United Enterprises is the sole agent of FUCHS lubricants in Yemen. Our company cooperates with Al-Mahsoob navigation company in supplying the ships arriving Aden and Hodiedah ports.
Q: Could you tell us briefly about FUCHS? A: FUCHS was originally a petroleum company, then it turned to lubricants. It was established in 1931, and now has 30 factories in various parts of the world.
Q: Have you faced problems or obstacles since the establishment of the company? A: We have not faced any problems or obstacles so far. The mother company in Germany understands the Yemeni market very well. For example, a can of FUCHS oil in Saudi Arabia costs RS 9 (YR 360) This does not go well with per capita income level in Yemen. Therefore, the company in Germany has borne the difference and made the price YR 220 for the consumers.
Q:What are the technical specifications of FUCHS lubricants? A: FUCHS lubricants have high-degree specifications which make them one of the best lubricants in the Yemeni market. That is according to the API certificate. The specifications of our lubricants are SG in addition to the international quality grade ISO-9002 and the Saudi quality grade.
Q: What are the steps taken by the company to increase distribution? A: We have many studies. Our plan at the beginning was to place the oil on the market and the consumers will get it directly. But now we managed to make deals with most cars companies. I can say that 90% of the cars companies in Yemen use FUCHS lubricants. Therefore, we have produced the desired result through the car companies.
Q: Are there more consumers opting to buy a FUCHS lubricant? A: Yemeni consumers have recognized the quality specifications, and they could distinguish between the various lubricant specifications.
Q: Do you have branches or offices in other Yemeni governorates? A: Yes, we do. We have branches in Aden, Taiz, Hodiedah, Hadramaut, Ibb, Marib, Radaa and Al-Beidha. Our business activities are widespread.
Q: Are there any problems facing these branches and are there differences in distribution rates between governorates? A: There are no problems. Our business activities are concentrated in Sana’a because many foreign companies work in Sana’a.
Q: As there are many kinds of lubricants in the Yemeni market, how could you classify FUCHS lubricants? A: The specifications of our lubricants are SG while others are between SA and SF. There are some companies that have SG, but there are no companies in Yemen like FUCHS that have SG, API 9002 and the Saudi quality grade.
Q: Do you have any last word? A: I would like to take this chance to say that cars are valuable and Yemeni motorists cannot afford to buy another car, so they should maintain their cars. Also, they should choose the best lubricant which has the same specifications as determined by the manufacturer.