Saeed Thabi First Undersecretary Yemen Journalists Syndicate [Archives:2004/721/Local News]

March 18 2004

Last Sunday, the elections for members in the Board Council of the Yemen Journalist Syndicate took place, during the Third General Conference chaired by Mahboub Ali, President of YJS. The following were elected through direct secret balloting:
1- Mr. Saeed Thabi Saeed, First Under-Secretary,
2- Ms. Thekra Abbas, Second Secretary
3- Mr. Hafedh Al-Bukari, Secretary General

It is expected that the board will hold a meeting next Saturday to discuss the general programs and plans of YJS. The election of Mr. Saeed Thabit, First Under-Secretary comes following his arrest by the Political Security Apparatus for leaking news about the injury of the President's son, Ahmed.