SAF organizes a round table meeting [Archives:2004/700/Local News]

January 5 2004

Under auspices of human rights minister Ms Amat al-Aleem al-Souswa, Sisters Arab Forum for Human Rights (SAF), and in cooperation with the International Federation of Human Rights is to hold a round table on 7-8 January 2004 aimed at shedding light on the International Criminal Court and its duties related to trying individuals for committing gross crime such as genocide and crimes against humanity, war crimes and aggression crimes.
Discussions at the round table meetings would also touch on constitutional legal impediments of the court's system and agreements of bilateral immunity the United States is concluding individually with other countries to protect its troops present in its military bases founded all over the world, against the court's accountability.
The round table event also aims at coming out with civil society strategy for Yemen's approval of Rome basic order regarding the court and following up implementation after endorsement.