Safe motherhood strategy Is on the way [Archives:2005/850/Health]

June 13 2005

Fahmia Al-Fotih
The UN report has mentioned that the daily maternal mortality in Yemen is about 1400 ladies among 100,000 while the national report states that only 375 ladies die among 100,000. Despite the contradiction between the two reports the case is very serious and Yemeni women face death everyday. Amidst the absence of precise and accurate statistics about the maternal mortality in Yemen, Yemeni Family Care Association has conducted a project regarding this field.

Funding by the British Community Fund, the Yemeni Family Care Association (YFCA), a member of International Parenthood Planning Federation-Arab region, concluded a workshop on Thursday entitled “Develop strategies to overcome the obstacles that face the safe motherhood and reproductive health”” that is within the project of safe motherhood. A team consisting of 21