Safety measures taken to protect inlets [Archives:2003/06/Local News]

February 10 2003

Gen. Yahya Mohammed Abdullah Saleh, head of the Association Traveling & Tourism Agencies, along with Hafedh Meaiad, chairman of Yemen’s Custom Authority, and Ahmed Yahya al-Shami, Brigadier General and deputy governor of Haja, recently inaugurated a new security system for traffic coming through the Yemeni inlets.
This is considered the first step of its kind in Yemen, and comes out of the efforts of President Ali Abdullah Saleh that aim keep inlets safe and develop in the tourism and investment fields.
Ahmed Mohammed al-Haj, general manager of Hardh Customs and Mohammed al-Kebsi, general manager of Arab and Foreign Affairs at the Emigration, Passports and Naturalization Authority and a number of administrative and security leadership attended the event.
Mr. Radhi, general manager of Sana’a Beverage and Industrial Company Limited, representative of the project sponsorship company attended too.
It is expected that this developing system will facilitate the freedom of vehicles to Yemen through the land inlets, and also help tourism and commercial activity.