SAFHR holds a Forum [Archives:2004/763/Local News]

August 12 2004

The Sisters Arabic Forum and Amnesty International for Human Rights are conducting a meeting for a campaign fighting violence against women. This is being conducted alongside representatives of civil community organizations, the Ministry of Human Rights, and a number of male and female activists in the human rights line which comes up within the frame of the international campaign of Amnesty International for fighting violence against women that began worldwide in March 2004 in coalition with previous meetings held by Amnesty International with organizations and human rights activists in Yemen during the last two years ago i.e. to fortifying the efforts and building up effective partnership with civil society associations to excise violence attempts against women.
This meeting aimed at building up a common understanding and discussing the program for movement and its expenditures within the campaign to stop violence against women. Whilst also identifying the materials and further sources available for various initiatives and introducing the partnership to the founder participants.
Mr. Ismaeil al-Taj Zain, representative of the British Foreign Secretary, for the Program of Middle East & North Africa, shall participate in this meeting which will take place on Saturday 14th August 2004 in Sana'a.