Saleh calls for peaceful election day, condemns terror [Archives:2006/982/Front Page]

September 18 2006

Hamdan Dammag
RADA'A, Sept. 17 ) At yesterday's campaign rally in Rada'a in Al-Beidha governorate, President Ali Abdullah Saleh called on Yemeni people and political forces to make Sept. 20 a day without violence, tension or arms and urged citizens to vote in a peaceful manner for those who will represent them in the presidency and the local councils.

Denying Joint Meeting Parties' “rumors” of a new “price hike,” Saleh pointed out that 150 journalists and 140 international observers will report citizens' views freely and cover Yemen's elections and democratic process.


Addressing hundreds of thousands of attendees at a Saturday campaign rally in Dhamar, Saleh declared, “Those calling for change, such change means an unknown destination for Yemenis. Our nation will give its decisive word on Sept. 20.”

He added that citizens will go to the polling boxes Sept. 20 and vote for a president from among themselves, one who “won't be hired.”

Referring to the incidents in Hadramout and Marib, he stated that terror elements wanted to cause disturbance and chaos amid Yemen's democratic celebration. He announced a YR 5,000,000 reward for anyone providing information related to any wanted terrorists in Yemen.

Additionally, he strongly condemned statements by Pope Benedict XVI against Islam and the Prophet Mohammed, announcing that Yemen would “reconsider relations with Vatican.”

He added, “The pope ought to offer an apology to the Islamic nation,” and called on Arab and Islamic countries to reconsider their relations with Vatican.