Saleh Calls on Eritrea to join Sana’a Grouping for Cooperation [Archives:2004/701/Front Page]

January 8 2004

President Ali Abdllah Saleh called again Eritrea to join the Sana'a Grouping for Cooperation which includes Yemen, Sudan and Ethiopia during meeting the Eritrean Foreign Minister Sunday. The agreement concerning the establishment of the gathering was signed last week at a summit of the three countries in Ethiopia.
Yemeni official sources said that Saleh emphasized that Eritrea is welcomed to join the gathering when meeting Ali Said Abdullah, Eritrean Foreign Minister who conveyed a message to Saleh from Eritrean president relating to bilateral relations as well as the escalation of the dispute between Eritrea and Ethiopia over border demarcation. He pointed out that would achieve the “goals of the gathering based on interests and enhancing peace, security and stability in the region.”
Eritrea which has border problems with the three countries believes that the grouping is targeting it and thus refuses to join it.
Saleh called to sorting out disputes and problems in the region through dialogue and peaceful means so as to achieve objectives of development.
The three countries emphasized the importance of joining hands to fight terrorism, enhancing economic cooperation and work for the peace and stability in the region which is believed by the U.S. to be a haven for terrorists.