Saleh Social and Development Corporation seeks donors aid [Archives:2004/764/Community]

August 16 2004

Hassan Al-Zaidi
The President's corporation was recently established. Much of the public consider it a 'non-charitable' corporation unaware that it was mainly established to carry out charitable activities for the poorest segments of society. If it were named President Saleh's charity Corporation, thousands of the poor and needy from urban and rural areas would no doubt be forming long lines at its door – especially since it bears the President's name – as Yemen has thousands of the needy, poor and deprived citizens.
Yemen Times' Hassan Al-Zaidi met with Dr. Mohamed Saleh Al-Qadhi, the General Director of the corporation, for more enlightenment on the activities of the corporation.

Q: What is the main scope of activities of this corporation?
A: It was founded in January 2004. It was founded by the President's sons, headed by Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh, the current president of the corporation. It is one of the civic society organizations working in Yemen in various fields. We have currently a headquarters and a branch for women and we hope that our activities would cover all regions of Yemen.

Q: Was the corporation established only to implement the charitable projects of the sons of the President?
A: The corporation was established based on the desire of the President's sons to contribute to the social and charitable work with the objective of developing Yemeni society. The idea, to establish this corporation, bore in mind the aspiration of the President, to constantly care and attend to the handicapped and the needy, either directly or indirectly.

Q: Does this mean that the President's charitable activities would be connected with corporation?
A: Not necessarily. This corporation could be a tool for the organization and coordination of such activities, but also they are not limited to this corporation.

Q: Would not this corporation hamper the work and activities of other charitable associations which the President, from time to time, inaugurates, to serve the opposition political organizations and parties?
A: This corporation was established to serve Yemeni society in general regardless of the political affiliation of the benefiting citizens and authorities.

Q: What are the main scopes and activities of the corporation?
A: There are several foci the corporation is trying to embark on.
The development focus: The corporation seeks to develop popular neighborhoods. Works have been undertaken at two areas of Sana'a. A health awareness project has been launched with the cooperation of Meningitis Combating Association.
The social care focus: the corporation is facilitating marriage related matters. A group wedding ceremony was held recently by the corporation. We are preparing an administration and supervising project on the distribution fast-breaking meals and meat that would be slaughtered for Eid Al-Adha. We also have an early intervention project to reduce the risk of permanent disability, by establishing a complete and integrated medical center to meet and serve the demands and needs of the handicapped at an early phase.
These and more, are parts of the corporation's activities and projects. We have great ambitions. We have accomplished a lot in a short period of time.

Q: Is there coordination with international donor organizations?
A: We seek the cooperation of international donor organizations in fields that would strengthen the efforts of Yemeni organizations. As this corporation is one of the civic society organizations and thus we hope to obtain the cooperation of international donor organizations in funding some of the corporation's projects. We look forward to expanding and strengthening cooperation and partnerships for the sake of better serving Yemeni society.