Sana’a Airport authorities arrest 8 students and teachers [Archives:2006/968/Local News]

August 31 2006

SANA'A, July 30 ) Security authorities at Sana'a International Airport arrested eight students and teachers last Saturday afternoon, July 29. The arrested individuals were returning from Libya following their participation in the 18th round of a scientific competition and the 16th round of a roundtable in Tripoli.

According to, “The participants' passports still are being held in reserve with the airport's security administration ithout any clarification from security authorities regarding their arrest and holding their passports.”

One arrested participant preferring to remain anonymous mentioned that the airport's security manager told them the situation is sensitive because those affiliated with the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) received money from Libya.

The participant was surprised at the manager's charge, saying, “We are independent and we went for a scientific competition. The JMP has nothing to do with it.” He further pointed out that those whose passports were kept with airport security authorities called the Minister of Interior, who responded that he'll look into the matter and reply back to them.

The Yemeni delegation that participated in the competition consisted of six students, representing Yemeni universities and teachers from Aden University, and a journalist.

Airport security previously have arrested others traveling to Libya to participate in roundtable activities conducted annually by Nasser University.