Sana’a as a capital of Arab cultureWe need it forever! [Archives:2003/654/Culture]

July 28 2003

By Fahmi Abdu Ahmed
For the Yemen Times

Yemen is preparing itself for the most important historical event ever in its history. The preparations are in full swing, embodied by preparations and extraordinary efforts by the ministry of Tourism & Culture. Examples of such efforts are the renovation of old buildings, including the old city of Sana'a, the National Museum, its old valuable manuscripts, statues and so on and so for. But in spite of all these efforts the preparations still lack something important.
They face many difficulties and obstacles. There are certain phenomena that must be removed from inside the capital such as the habit of carrying weapons in the streets and those who throw out their bulbous qat remains to the main street, without considering others. Such bad phenomena and their likes need to be cured, because they cause disturbing and annoying feeling to our guests and visitors. I hope the concerned bodies would take such matters into considerations to be solved as soon as possible.