Sana’a Caught Between People’s Carelessness and Connivance [Archives:2001/21/Culture]

May 21 2001

Sana’a has been well-known for its fresh air and gentle breeze. A poet once said it is a city that combines all kinds of arts. This has been achieved by the unique combination of the past elements and modern resources. But the city which inspired many poets is today impoverished owing to the modernization touches which have triggered a number of negative phenomena. The city has been witness to an increasing number of unplanned buildings. Everybody just constructs buildings as he likes according to his own choice ignoring the needs for space, gardens, parks, etc. Everybody is keen to remodel his own structures and then fence it leaving beyond the fence the crowded and dusty streets. None care about the cleanliness or beauty of the city. There are not many jets and garbage bins. People eat and throw the remains in the street carelessly. As if this is not enough, sewage flows here and there, peddlers crowd along the pavements and cars park everywhere and anywhere. The environment of the city is being damaged by the exhaust fumes, disgusting smells of garbage, barking of dogs, beggars, seasonal torrents and dust. 
Many people come to and leave this city, but it remains as it is. Why don’t we feel ashamed of ourselves when we visit capitals of other countries and pretend to possess a sense of beauty in front of the others while we lack? Why aren’t we like the others? 
The government seems to be indifferent to the issue and so are the people. Even the media is not active in spreading the sense of beauty among people. Nor do schools do so among our children. 
Many are the problems that we should address and find solutions to. Still there is a chance to redeem the situation. So let’s start today. 
Ismael Al-Gahbiri, 
Yemen Times