Sana’a Conference for religious men and intellectuals [Archives:2004/748/Local News]

June 21 2004

Mohammed bin Sallam
Sunday, June 20- The First Islamic Guidance Conference was inaugurated in the presence of about 270 official dignitaries, religious figures, intellectuals and interested individuals from all over the world in the field of guidance.
The four-day conference, organized by the Ministry for Waqf and Guidance, will examine before a number of working papers and discuss the most important issues related to the life of the Muslim community. The conference aims to clarify the misunderstandings and debates that have emerged in some Muslim societies.
Among the issues to be discussed are Jihad in Islam, the role of religious men in directing society and reviving the message of mosques, denouncing extremism and fanaticism, the issuing of Fatwas (formal legal opinions), and other essential issues in this era, which is burdened with unprecedented challenges.
A number of optimists predict that the conference will come out with positive results, to improve the message of mosques, and to show the bright side of Islam. It is hoped that the conference will produce a number of recommendations to benefit Muslim communities in Muslim countries and abroad and in crystallizing the Islamic and religious dialogue in a manner relevant to the reality of the world today.