Sana’a Congregation discusses developments in Somalia [Archives:2006/964/Local News]

July 17 2006

ADDIS ABABA, July 15 ) Chaired by foreign ministers of the congregation member states, Yemen, Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia, the Sana'a Congregation is due to discuss territorial developments in Somalia and the region.

The two-day event is scheduled to start on Tuesday July 18. The member states have plans to achieve mutual interests and restore security and stability to restless Somalia, the capital of which is dominated by the Islamic Courts. In addition, the congregation is expected to discuss the recent issues and developments in Sudan and Palestine.

The meeting aims to bring Somalis together and give public interests more precedence over tribal and individual interests, thanks to a call from Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh for a dialogue between the conflicting groups in the interim government. Also, it aims to establish security and stability in Somalia, which has been war torn for 16 years, as well as to suggest solutions for regional and international security issues.

Economic and trade committees in the congregation are due to discuss many economic and commercial projects and decisions of relevance to the member states. The committee has a plan to improve economic relations and the volume of trade exchange between the member states, mainly in areas related to the Joint Free Zone, taxes and customs.