Sana’a Forum for Young Poets, shows masterpieces, honors Kamal Abu Deeb [Archives:2006/942/Culture]

May 1 2006
Dr. Kamal Abu Deeb delivering his speech.
Dr. Kamal Abu Deeb delivering his speech.
About four hundred poets from around the Arab World attended the Second Forum for Arab Young Poets which was held on April 22-26 at the Cultural Center in Sana'a.

The event was inaugurated by Minister of Culture Khaled Al-Rowaishan by the opening of a Yemeni plastic arts exhibition and some of the Ministry's publications.

Later, the speech festival began with Al-Rowaishan calling this second round of Young Poets Forum as \”Mohammed Al-Maghoot Round.\”” Al-Maghoot is a renowned Arab writer from Syria who died last month.

The speech of the preparatory committee was delivered by Yemeni poet and writer Abdul-Karim Al-Razihi. He said the participants are establishing in Sana'a a \””democratic republic\”” for poetry.

Egyptian poet Karim Abdul-Salam delivered a speech on behalf of the participants