Sana’a Forum Summit concluded [Archives:2006/908/Local News]

January 2 2006

ADEN, Dec. 29 ) The fourth Sana'a Forum Summit concluded Thursday in the city of Aden in the presence of the Presidents of Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, and the Ethiopian prime minister. The leaders of Sana'a Forum confirmed their commitments to boosting security and economic cooperation among the member countries and to further fighting terrorism and providing peaceful environment in the member countries, the southern part of the Red Sea and the Horn of Africa.

The leaders also affirmed they are resolved to” protect their boarders and regional waters from smuggling and infiltration into their regions.” They will take severe procedures against piracy, and adhere to implementing the decisions of Sana'a Regional Workshop on fighting piracy.

The Sana'a Forum leaders expressed their desire to find reconciliation for the Ethiopia-Eritrea conflict over borders. They also called on the Security Council to lift the armament embargo on the peacekeeping troops in Somalia so that peace would prevail in.

It was decided that the Sana'a Forum next summit would be held in Addis Ababa in December 2006.

The fourth summit was held during 28 and 29 December in Aden city. During the summit, the leaders tackled issues related to the member countries such as security, economy, and terrorism. They also affirmed that the Sana'a Forum is open to any country that wishes to join it. They also welcomed warmly the joining of Somalia to the Forum. The leaders also viewed the report of the last Sana'a Forum presented by president Omar Hassan Al-Basheer. They also discussed ways of enhancing joint trade among the member countries through establishing a free trade zone that would ensure safe flow of goods.

The Sana'a Forum was set up in October 2002 when Yemen, Sudan and Ethiopia held the first assembly in Sana'a. The second assembly was held in December 2003. The third assembly was held by the end of 2004 in Khartoum and Somali was unanimously accepted to join the member countries.