Sana’a has improved Let’s not forget our environment [Archives:2003/07/Health]

February 17 2003

Perhaps the authorities should be reminded on the new development in our environment, which in near future would unavoidably be catastrophic.
Going through main road heading to any cities, your eyes cannot simply escape seeing black residue of diesel, settling thickly on side roads and on plants along the roads. The impact of diesel engine vehicles, if not controlled by a conventional mechanism, is huge.
At the same time, plastic bags in some towns and other local markets on the way to Hodeidah are so widely scattered on the cultivatable land that they have cause much concern. The governor of these towns should not shy away to address the issue with fellow countrymen on the serious impact of plastic material in the soil.
It would be more practical if we could have a televised program on issues related to such cases.
As part of such campaigns, the United Nations Environment Agency is the relevant organization to approach for the required assistance to further raise awareness of the public on environmental protection.
Although the environmental issues in our country is so wide, I would rather restrict myself to these mentioned problems.
Indeed Sana’a city has shown tremendous progress environmentally in some areas. The garbage collectors can be seen almost round the clock, keeping the city streets and roads clean. The capital is being shaped up with all resources they could get apparently. We all feel proud of the achievements.
But the governor should keep the momentum.