Sana’a hosts 21st book fair [Archives:2004/777/Last Page]

September 30 2004

By Adel Al-Khawlani
Yemen Times Staff

The 2004 Cultural Arab Capital hosts nowadays the 21st international book fair, which, Vice-president Abdorabu Mansoor Hadi inaugurated last week. 326 local and international publishers participate in the exhibition with thousands of books in various languages.
The Vice-President was received by the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Khaled Al-Ruwaishan, Faris Al-Saqqaf, Chief of the General Book Authority, Ahmad Al-Awadhi, Secretary of the Authority and Abdullah Al-Wazeer, Chief of the Authority for Folklore and Museums.
After that, Hadi walked across the wings of the fair and exchanged views with publishers who congratulated him on the occasion of the Yemeni Revolution (Sept 26th). While visiting the wings, Hadi received a bronze present from the Kuwaiti wing. He also expressed his regard for such effective and fruitful event that aims at raising the level of Arab culture, particularly by emulating modern technology.
Hadi also delivered a speech pointing out that the political leadership, represented by HE President Saleh, lavishly offers every sort of support for such vital functions, from which cultural development stems. He also expressed his pleasure over the organization and participation, which both improve every year. The Vice-President said that he has been following up the inauguration of the book fair since 1997, acknowledging that it has progressed, however Arab publishers and writers are still recommended to translate what is newly issued from western and eastern civilizations.
“Where are we, what is our classification, and is it true that a single country excels the Arab World in supporting such activities?” Hadi wondered, whilst recommending universities, teachers, and students of various majors, to benefit from the fair that will remain for only a short period of time.
In a press a statement, the Minister of Culture & Tourism, stressed that inaugurating the book fair on the occasion of the Sept.26 Commemoration proves several things, among which is the unfailing care of the political leadership for books. The leadership considers them as the tool for change, and for shaping the future of Yemen, which increasingly suffers from the illiteracy and poverty inherited from the totalitarian regime of Imamate.
The Minister also confirmed that the increase in the number of participating publishers, the exhibition contents, and the facilities offered by the ministry, reflect the extent of freedom of expression permitted by Yemen under the umbrella of democracy.