Sana’a hosts international literacy Conference [Archives:2007/1025/Local News]

February 15 2007

By: Nisreen Shadad
Eighty adult literacy experts from across the world traveled to Sana'a to attend a meeting dealing with international literacy. The experts include government officials from BMENA and G8 countries, in addition to specially invited members of civil society organizations. All members are from countries that have high levels of illiteracy such as Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, Mauritania and Yemen.

The purpose of the meeting is to review progress made since the last meeting, to focus on innovative approaches that are being made to reduce illiteracy, particularly amongst women within communities, and to strengthen coordination across the region.

The agenda features presentations from across the BMENA region and opportunities to share best practices and debate ideas.

From the Yemeni side, the Ministry of Education, the Literacy and Adult Education organization, donors, and international and local NGOs participated in the meeting and showcased projects in Yemen aimed at reducing illiteracy.

Our meeting today is to discuss the teamwork and the efforts we made, and we are going go beyond the individual works and programs and unify the strategies and programs we follow,” said Ahmed Abdullah