Sana’a hosts Islamic Parliamentarians’ forum [Archives:2007/1069/Local News]

July 19 2007

SANA’A, July 17 ) Themed “Hand in Hand for Palestine”, the International Forum for Islamic Parliamentarians held its second regular meeting in Sana’a under the sponsorship of Yemeni Parliament’s Speaker Sheikh Abdullah bin Hussain Al-Ahmer. The meeting is meant to primarily discuss the Palestinian issue as well as the situation of Muslims in Iraq, Somalia, and other countries.

At the opening session, member of Yemeni Parliament and head of the forum’s media affairs Najeeb Ghanim delivered a speech in which he welcomed the parliamentarians taking part in the activities of the second session.

He also wished the forum would contribute to resolve some pending issues and problems Islamic world faces, especially the plight of people in Palestine, Iraq, Somalia, etc.

For his Part, the chairman of the forum Abdulmajeed Al-Manaserah noted that the meeting will also discuss, in a closed session, the forum’s bylaws, together with adopting mechanisms for enhancing the performance of the Arab and Islamic Parliaments, activating the political reforms and democracy.

“The reforms in our countries do not come to the level of our people’s aspirations. Further, and they are too slow to make us feel we move back,” said Al-Manaserah.

Al-Manaserah hinted that the Palestinian issue undergoes a dangerous turn especially when the Palestinian people suffer and are being killed under the Israeli occupation.

He made it clear that the forum is meant for Parliamentarians away from political and partisan affiliation and it is open for all members of the parliaments to join as long as they commit themselves to the forum’s bylaws and believe in Islam as a source for resolving the issues.

On behalf of Al-Ahmer, Ja’afer Sa’eed Basaleh addressed the parliamentarians and assured that they should spare no effort to unite the Moslem Nations and work for coordinating the visions to deal with the developments and challenges Arab and Islamic nations face.

Baselah pointed that Yemen has been subjected to terrorist acts; however, such acts will prevent it from marching in the democracy and dialogue path and renounce the violence, as well adopting the attitudes that help the unification of the nation.

The conference expressed sorrow over the situation of Palestinian people and called for safeguarding the Palestinian unity, recognizing the legitimacy of all Palestinian factions and the legitimacy of resistance, adopting dialogue instead of fighting, and working according to Mecca Pact.

It also denounced arresting parliamentarians including the head of the Palestinian Legislative Council and the Palestinian representative to the conference Abdulkarrim Zaydan.

Moreover, it called the Americans to evacuate Iraq’s situation and called on all factions to keep their unity. It also hoped Lebanese opponents could reach an agreement to end the fighting and achieve security and stability.

It added the conference denounces all violence acts committed in the name of Islam such acts which harm and defame Islam. It also called for expanding the margin of expression, adopting peaceful transfer of power, and setting free all prisoners because of opinion or political reasons.

The International Forum for Islamic Parliamentarians was formed on January 19, 2007, after 150 Parliamentarian from 28 Islamic and Arab countries with different political trends announced the establishment of the conference in Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta.

[Archives:2007/1069/Local News]