Sana’a mourns Yemen’s great poet Ahmed al-Shami [Archives:2005/826/Community]

March 21 2005

Yemen has on Thursday paid the last honors to the great poet and former member of the republican council Ahmed Bin Mohammed al-Shami who died in London at an age of 81 years.

The deceased al-Shami was among the forerunners of those who resisted the Imamate rule in Yemen and one of those who had taken part in the 1948 revolution.

He had been then appointed secretary of the council of ministers. After failure of the revolution, he was arrested and imprisoned with his free men colleagues.

In 1955, the Imam appointed him charge d'Affaires at the Yemen's embassy in Cairo and later a minister at the Arab Countries Union Council (Egypt, Syria and Yemen) in 1958. In 1961 he was appointed as minister plenipotentiary for Yemen in London.

After the eruption of the 26 September revolution in 1962, Mr al-Shami was appointed foreign minister of the monarchists in exile and chaired the side of the royalists at Hardh conference between the republicans and the royalists that was held in 1965. After the national reconciliation in 1970, the late al-Shami was appointed member in the republican council and then an ambassador to London then Paris and ambassador-at-large until the year 1974.

After that date, he devoted his life to writing and of numerous poetical and literary works until his death.