Sana’a National Museum reopens [Archives:2004/765/Local News]

August 19 2004

The National Museum in Sana'a is going in the next few days to resume opening its doors to Yemeni and foreign visitors.
Whilst the museum was closed for maintenance it has been supplied with new archeological finds as well as the addition of some new halls.
“There are about 23 thousand rare objects in the museum, but only 2300 of these are on display,” said Abdulaziz Al-Jindari, Director of the Museum.
Some 120 wood pieces with Psalter scripts written on them, dating back to pre-Islam ages and other bronze pieces are now on display.
He said work is complete in most halls and arrangements have been completed as planned. “There are new halls including the Pre-Islam Hall for finds of the Hadramout Kingdom and another for ancient Islamic gifts are on show. A new section is dedicated to Islamic coins from throughout history,” he concluded.