Sana’a to host conference on reform in the MENA region [Archives:2006/957/Local News]

June 22 2006

SANA'A, June 20 ) Organized by the Yemeni government, Sana'a is to host a conference on “Democracy, Political Reforms, and the Freedom of Expression” from June 25-26. Representatives of Middle East governments, G8 member governments, political activists, civil society organizations and journalists are planned to attend.

The conference aims to enhance the principle of dialogue and cooperation between disputing parties involved in political processes, especially democratic reforms in the Middle East and North Africa. Further, the conference will assay successes achieved regarding democratic dialogue and reforms in the area following the Sana'a Regional Conference held in 2004, in addition to what was achieved during the G8 Summit in 2004 held in Sea Island, Georgia, U.S..

Participants are to examine the achievements of various initiatives in order to jump start the reform process between governments and civil society organizations. Further, the conference will discuss the issue of freedom of opinion as an important element for development. It will also view measures to enhance this principle and it will present successful experiences in this respect.