Sanaa Turkish Schools hold graduation ceremony [Archives:2004/741/Community]

May 27 2004

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
The Sanaa Turkish Schools held their graduation ceremony on Thursday 20 May at the school's campus in Sanaa to celebrate the graduation of the first batch of secondary school students and also to bid farewell to the current academic year.
The celebration was attended by many parents and all teachers and management staff along with representatives from the Ministry of Education.
The celebration included several diverse displays including a play performed by students of the school plus several songs sung in English, Turkish and Arabic.
The ceremony also included a fashion show exhibiting traditional costumes from Yemen, Turkey and other Islamic and Arab countries. Additionally, a scientific exhibition presenting the work of students was also inaugurated.
In his opening statement, the Director, Mr. Faruk Yanik, said that the Sana'a Turkish Schools depend in their curriculum on the latest available technology and exploits the talents and potential of students, especially in the use of computers.
“We have been able to attain the third position in the world in the international competition held last ISPO held in Turkmenistan” he said.