Sanaa University Wins Gold at Arab Universities Championship [Archives:1998/11/Sports]

March 16 1998

Due to the strong will of the Yemeni sports people, many achievements have been realized by sports clubs, national and even university teams. The Faculty of Science team at Sanaa University participated in the Second Championship of Science Faculties at Arab Universities, which was held in Asyoot, Egypt during March 2-5.
Many Yemeni students in Egypt attended the competitions to support the Sanaa University team, which competed in chess and table tennis. Seven Arab countries took part: Egypt, Jordan, Algeria, Morocco, Libya and Palestine.
Yemeni champions presented excellent all round performances, competing with 23 participating universities.
Mr. Samir Al-Oqr, sports activity director in Sanaa University and the general supervisor of participating teams, told Yemen times after his return from Egypt last Thursday, “this achievement is due to the strong will of the participating students, excellent training and the support of the Yemeni and Egyptian fans who were very enthusiastic.”
Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Maqalih, the rector of Sanaa University, told Yemen Times: “Yemeni youths have physical and mental abilities which qualify them to win. They need little capabilities to refine and develop these abilities. Yemeni universities will witness in the near future considerable prog