Sanaas Artificial Limb & Naturopathy Centre: Where miracles come true [Archives:2002/12/Health]

March 18 2002

By Mujahid Al-Musaabi
Yemen Times Staff
Its not just a theory, but its real life that youll see if you are ever in the Artificial Limb and Naturopathy Centre here in Yemens capital.
Compared to other public health care institutions, this centre offers unique services that are top-notch. There is a feeling of close relations between medical staff, administration and patients, which you will rarely find at other health centers.
Thats combined with very low fees. In most cases, they don’t exceed 100 Y.R.
The up-to-date equipment, along with highly-qualified Yemeni doctors and a good administrative system, are the main characteristics of the center.
“As a unique center. Disabled people with limited income come here from all over Yemen. They enjoy the free services and the top level health care,” said administrator Ahmed Hamoud Asaqqaf.
“Those who are unable to pay the nominal sum for medication, well exempt completely.
The centre is among the institutions run by the Ministry of Public Health and Population. Since its establishment in 1978, the government has ensured it has modern equipment and training to provide the best human services.
During the last ten years, its services have continued to evolve. It has two main areas.
The Technical Department
The department consists of the:
Sizes and plaster area, which sizes for cases that need artificial limbs or medical devices, and back bones plaster.
Limbs area, which specializes in making and fixing artificial limbs, and making crutches.
Leather products area, which makes different medical leather belts for supports for the back, neck, abdomen and limbs. Its also where medical shoes are made.
The apparatus section, which specializes in manufacturing trolleys, paralysis devices and all metal crutches.
The Naturopathy Department
The area covers:
Electrical Medication: This section specializes in electrical excitation-vertebra binding-magnetic medication.
Light &Temperature Medication: This section provides short-wave, ultrasonic and infrared light, plus hot compresses and waxes.
Water Medication. In this section, patients are treated by whirlpool, underwater massage, and by steam.
One patient noted how happy he was with the centers care.
“I have been here for two weeks, having natural medication to lose weight because I’m going to Suadi Arabia for a limb operation. I was really surprised by the friendly doctors, excellent care, and the good atmosphere here.