Satellite television risks discussed [Archives:2005/898/Local News]

November 28 2005

TAIZ- Nov. 24- A lecture and a discussion around the impact of regional satellite television networks on the culture and identity of the Yemeni family and its impact on the upbringing of children. Prof. Nabila al-Sharjabi, lecturer of Psychology, gave a lecture on the subject at the Faculty of Arts and Social Science of Taiz University last Tuesday.

The lecture was a literature review of scientific research undertaken with a sample of educated people in Sana'a, Aden and Taiz and collected data on the types of television programs watched by parents and children as well as Satellite channels.

The research discussed the urgent need to take measures to control the external cultural invasion evident in the behavior of children who are addicted to several preferred programs. The discussion included a discourse around the forged facts of history through several documentaries and dramas viewed in the television which were found to be politically motivated.

Yet, several academics commented that the lecture lacks a discussion of the variety of programs and the necessary recommendations that should included in any study, among the other eccentric considerations of the methodology of the research, resulted in unreliable results.