Saudi Arabia Bans Import of Meat from Yemen [Archives:2001/13/Front Page]

March 26 2001

The outbreak of the highly contagious and viral foot-and-mouth disease has evoked an immediate and strong reaction from the Saudi authorities in banning the import of all kinds of meat from the Republic of Yemen. This was also a direct result of the official statement by Minister of Health Abdulwali Nasher confirming the incidence of the disease in the Yemeni soil.
A large number of diseased animals were; as reported in Yemen Times last week to be on the Tihama Coast in Hodeidah, particularly in Abs, Haradh, Aslam, and the western areas of al-Mahabeshah region.
The article published last week raised a lot of concern over the efficiency of the authorities in dealing with such diseases and brought the problem of livestock diseases into focus.
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