Saudi authorities burn 18 Yemeni immigrants [Archives:2008/1150/Local News]

April 28 2008

Almigdad Mojalli
SANAA, April 27 ) Saudi policemen burned 18 Yemenis while they were trying to cross into Khamis Bani Mushait, a Saudi village bordering Yemen. Alsahwa opposition newspaper reported on Saturday that the police poured diesel onto the men, who were hiding in a hole in the area to escape the police.

The Yemeni illegal immigrants were trying to get jobs in the Saudi bordering cities.

The local media has said Yemeni authorities began an investigation of the incident, although no response from the Saudi authorities on the issue has been made. The victims are receiving medical treatment in Yemeni hospitals. Some were badly injured and were brought to Sana'a city.

Darweesg Salloum, who was among the group, said the incident took place a month ago. “We dug a big hole to hide ourselves from the Saudi police. The hole was seven kilometers from Khamis Bani Mushait district