Saudi barrier is a problem that’s growingSaleh to go to Saudi [Archives:2004/712/Front Page]

February 16 2004

Mohammed Al-Qadhi
President Ali Abdullah Saleh is reported to plan a visit Saudi Arabia soon to hold talks with the Saudi leadership on the issue of erecting a barrier along its porous border with Yemen, a source close to the Yemeni presidency told The Yemen Times Saturday.
However, the official source said that preparations for the visit have started, adding that Saleh would hold intensive talks with the Saudi leaders on the question of the wall which has enraged Yemenis, who compare it to the wall built by Israel.
Yemen Times has learned that recent emergency talks between the officials from the interior ministries in the two countries in Jeddah could not reach a solution to the problem.
The Saudis insist that they have the right to build the wall to stop the flow of arms from Yemen to their territories.
Since the terrorist bombings on May 12, Saudi border patrols have seized more than 90,000 rounds of ammunition, dozens of grenades, more than 2,000 sticks of dynamite, hundreds of bazookas and more than 1,200 other weapons.
It has been reported that both Egypt and the US have interfered to bring Yemen and Saudi authorities together, despite the statements made by the officials in both Yemen and Saudi Arabia that there is no problem between them and they have agreed to settle things through dialogue.
On Saturday, Saleh received a written message from Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz, according to official media in Yemen, about the “relationship between the two brotherly countries,” as well as “the question of the Jiddah Border Treaty implementation” and the demarcation process” run by the German company Hansa Luftbild.
The message also referred to the “cooperation between the two countries, mainly in the field of security.” Saleh stressed during his meeting with the Saudi Minister of State Musa'ed al-Ayban who conveyed the message that “security of the Saudi Arabia kingdom concerns Yemen and vice versa.”