Saudi Crown Prince Expected in Sana’a Today [Archives:2001/21/Front Page]

May 21 2001

The Saudi Crown Prince, Emir Abdullah b. Abdulaziz is expected to arrive in Sana’a today to participate in the celebration of the 11th anniversary of Yemeni re-unification at the invitation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. The participation of the crown prince expresses the keenness of the two political leaderships to exchange visits, enhance cooperation and expand prospects of achieving further joint interests. 
Last year Prince Abdullah took part in the same event and promised to repeat his visit and has fulfilled his commitment, expressing a strong vindication to uphold Yemen’s unity and giving a clear-cut message to the Yemeni people about his support for them. Moreover, a chance has come to make a new starting point in the history of bilateral relations which has witnessed a 60-year dispute. So by this visit the Saudi dignitary will stress the determination of his country to pursue this historic accord with Yemen which the Yemeni leadership spares no effort in consolidating, especially in the context of the border demarcation. Hence, continuous and sincere joint efforts by the two sides have expanded the bases for homogenous partnership in political relations which would augment implementation of economic and cultural integration. The Saudi crown prince’s visit will last for several days in which he will also visit Hadhramaut and, possibly Taiz.