Saudi delegation in Yemen [Archives:2003/635/Community]

May 12 2003

A Saudi delegation arrived to Sanaa on Sunday to participate in the meetings of the Saudi-Yemen coordination council. The delegation is headed by Adnan Mohamed Bakhesh the head of the preparatory committee, which will be preparing for the actual meetings of the council. The committee will be holding its meetings in three days and will involve a number of ministries and various Yemeni and Saudi sectors.
The Yemeni Saudi council, which was formed in 1975, is expected to start its sessions a at the end of this month and will be headed by Yemeni Prime Minister Abdulqadir Ba Jammal and Saudi Prime Minister Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz.
Yemen Times also learnt that the Saudi delegation to attend the council's meetings will include Saudi Ministers of Interior, Foreign Affairs, Finance, National Economy, and Information.
This is the second meeting of its kind held after the two neighboring countries signed in 2000 the Jeddah border treaty to end border disputes and revive mutual cooperation in all aspects.