Saudi delegation tours Hadramout’s architecture [Archives:2006/999/Local News]

November 16 2006

By: Saeed Al-Batati
HADRAMOUT, Nov. 14 ) The Saudi universities delegation left Mukalla last Friday after a three-day visit to Hadramout governorate, during which the team viewed the mud buildings and ancient architecture in the governorate.

“The visit aims to help students know about the architecture in Hadramout Valley and the historic sights manifesting civilization of the world leading nation in the past,” said Ibrahim Al-Nu'aimi, Dead of Construction Department at Saudi's King Faisal University.

“Modern construction threatens mud buildings. This is the modern construction's cancer that destroys the ancient architecture. Saudi students came to this city to get acquainted with its unique architecture,” he added.

The delegation was made up deans and faculty members from King Saoud University, King Faisal University and King Fahd University along with some members of government.

“We were surprised by the ancient sights we visited. We landed in Sayoun Airport to be hailed by officials in the city,” said Al-Nu'aimi. “Then we visited the historic city of Shibam and enjoyed its architectural antiques. Really, it is difficult for words to convey my impression about Shibam city.

The group also discussed the Emir Sultan Prize which was established for maintaining architecture.

“The prize aims to spread awareness among youths about the importance of architecture,” said Zaher Abdurrahman Othman, General Manager of the Heritage Foundation. “We hope to visit Hadramout governorate every year.

Concluding its trip, the delegation visited Hadramout University for Science and Technology and the Faculty of Civil Engineering. The delegation viewed the efforts pursued by the university to maintain the architectural heritage and mud buildings.