Saudi Embassy Says: “We had nothing to do with disturbances in Yemen.” [Archives:1998/27/Front Page]

June 6 1998

Mr. Ali Al-Qufaidi, ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Yemen, wrote to the Yemen Times insisting that his country was not responsible for the recent incidents in Yemen. “We hereby categorically refute any blames that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia aided or instigated the disturbances,” the letter says. The Yemen Times had written, last week, quoting President Ali Abdullah Saleh, that Saudi Arabia was partly behind some of the incidents.
In spite of the embassy letter, it is common knowledge that Saudi Arabia pays generous financial allocations to Yemeni tribal sheikhs, officers, religious leaders, and certain public figures. Through these recipients, Saudi Arabia influences the affairs of Yemen, and often uses its clients to pressure the authorities.
Saudi Arabia and Yemen have been negotiating delimitation of their 1,500 kilometer border. The talks linger on with no light in sight.