Saudi General Holds a Press Conference on Clashed Near Border and Deported Yemenis [Archives:1999/49/Front Page]

December 6 1999

Saudi Chief of Staff General Saleh bin Ali al- Muhaya has refuted report appearing in a section of the Yemeni media, especially the press last week. On the question of borders and the clashes that had taken place during last few days, the General is of the view that these might be incidents by smugglers or outlaw infiltrators or those who fired at security forces and border guards at border areas. 
In a press conference held in Riyadh Saturday, General Bin Ali al-Muhaya disclosed about the clashes on the Saudi-Yemeni borders that. He said the media must have credibility in reporting he news and have to contact party the concerned party to verify the authenticity of the matter. He further pointed out that the military joint committee was not directly concerned with the subject of borders and demarcation signs. 
On the press reports about deportation of thousands of Yemeni citizens outside Saudi Arabia, he said ” I believe every state applies its internal laws and this is not something that is unique to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” adding that all states deport immigrants staying illegally. 
The Saudi General also added that when the media tackles the topic of borders it was necessary that must be objective and get information from reliable source to know the truth.