Saudi Interior Minister in Sana’a Today [Archives:2001/43/Front Page]

October 22 2001

Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz, Saudi Interior Minister, is expected to arrive in Sana’a today, leading a Saudi delegation to the meeting of the Joint Supreme Committee to implement the Jeddah Border Treaty between Yemen and Saudi Arabia. An official Yemeni source said the meeting will discuss the implementation of this treaty on the ground, looking into the reports prepared by field committees, particularly, the military and border authority. The meeting of the two interior ministers, Price Naif and Dr. Rashad al-Alimi will highlight security cooperation between the two countries, the exchange of information and coordination to fight terrorism in light of the recent global developments, and the coalition that the USA is leading to crack down on terrorism worldwide. 
President’s advisor, Mr. Hussein al-Hubeishi said a joint Yemeni, Saudi and Eritrean meeting is likely to start soon in order to finalize an agreement on the final demarcation of the marine borders between the three countries. 
He pointed out that the question of marine borders between the three countries is completed, but the closeness of their marine borders makes it difficult for two parties to sign an agreement without the agreement of the third party. He said the three parties will meet soon, without giving a specific date. 
Al-Hubeishi denied any disagreement between Yemen and Eritrea over marine border issues. He pointed out that there is no disagreement over this issue and that legal preparations to this end are underway.