Saudi Key suspect arrested [Archives:2003/667/Front Page]

September 11 2003

Mohammed Al-Qadhi
Sana'a, September 9)Yemeni security forces arrested the Saudi citizen Bandar Abdulhakeem al-Ghamidi, a government official source said Tuesday night. Al-Ghamidi is one of the prime 19 suspects of the al-Riyadh terrorist bombings. The source did not give detail of how he was arrested, where and when. Al-Ghamidi fled to Yemen along with his wife some months ago. Saudi authorities informed Yemeni authorities of his escape to Yemen and that he should be arrested. Yemeni authorities launched a massive campaign to hunt down for al-Ghamidi and get him arrested. The official source said that preparations are underway to hand him over to the Saudi authorities as Yemen and Saudi Arabia already signed a security pact on extradition of criminals and terrorists.
Reliable sources told Yemen Times that there is a link between the al-Riyadh terrorist operations and the attackers of the French Tanker Limburg as the Saudi authorities arrested some Limburg suspected attackers at the house of al-Ghamidi in Saudi Arabia.
In addition, the Saudi security authorities are expected to hand over some Yemenis suspected of having links to al-Qaeda in a week time. These militants whose number is not yet known were arrested following the terrorist operations at al-Riyadh. Reliable sources said that the Saudi authorities got very valuable information while interrogating them on dangerous terrorist militants inside Saudi Arabia.
Yemen last week said that two Saudi suspects were arrested by Yemeni authorities and would be turned over to the Saudi government.
Yemen and Saudi Arabia have exchanged the extradition of over 40 suspects, 17 of them are Yemeni militants affiliated to some extremist Islamist groups including suspected attackers suicide bombing against the USS Cole in Aden on October 12, 2000 and the French Tanker Limburg last October.